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207 Speed Lab Indoor Cycling & Training Studio

Get fit. Faster.

We take the boredom out of training inside when you can’t get out. See how we can help you become a better cyclist.


Every workout is fine tuned to your exact fitness.

Rather than spin bikes, we pair your bike with specialized software and computerized indoor trainers. 

Every workout you do is customized to your exact fitness level, so you're always pushing enough to improve your performance on a bike.


Maintain your cycling form all year round.

Between work and weather, it’s difficult to ride consistently throughout the year without indoor training. 

At the 207 Speed Lab you can avoid the rain and traffic and have a realistic on-the-road experience - while watching the big screen. It’s a great way to maintain your form, take it to the next level or stay fit

Using FTP and LT testing to track your cycle training progress

207 Coaching uses FTP and LTtesting and there’s nothing that makes us happier than seeing an improvement in your results. Regular assessments help keep your training on track.

When FTP and LT improve steadily, you’ll know you’re becoming a more effective and efficient cyclist and your aerobic capability and power output are improving.

If you’re plateauing, it’s a sign that you’re ready to add more high intensity intervals to you training.

If your results stay the same or go backwards, you’ll know it’s time to adjust your training load. Often this indicates a problem – like poor diet, stress or underlying injury.


Take a proven, structured approach to training.

Every 207 Speed Lab session has been written to deliver precisely  the right balance of intensity and recovery. Take classes for as little as $10.


See your progress every time you ride.

You can't improve what you can't measure. With personal live metrics on your dashboard during every ride and a comprehensive performance report after, training at the 207 Speed Lab means you always know what's going well and where you might need to improve.

No more guesswork. At 207 Speed Lab you'll quickly and easily take your cycling to the next level.


Get an individualized workout in every class

Everyone’s aerobic threshold is different. To find yours’, you’ll need to do a fitness assessment which identifies your FTP score. This provides the information we need to plug into our specialized indoor cycling software and computerized indoor trainers.  The result is a cycling workout tailored exactly to your fitness level. You ride the same session as your classmates but get the workout that’s most effective for you.


Who is the Speed Lab for?

The Speed Lab is for cyclists of all backgrounds and abilities. Enthusiasts, beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists and anyone else who wants to get or keep fit are welcome!

Roadies             Mountain Bikers             Enthusiasts                  Triathletes



Our free intro includes a fitness assessment and consultation. We’ll show you around, ask about your cycling history and do a FTP test (Functional Threshold Power). This gives us the FTP score we need to customize every indoor cycling training session to you. You don’t need to train for your FTP test.



Pick the option that fits your budget and lifestyle


You can book and manage classes whatever way suits you best with our member portal from either your mobile or desktop

Choose from five types of workouts – hills, threshold, strength, endurance & strength or Want to do a course simulation instead of a class? Just ask and we’ll book a time.


Whether you want to get faster, get a personal best, lose weight or simply get into cycling, training consistently at VBike will help you to achieve your goal.


Cycling at its heart is social. The 207 Speed Lab is a friendly place and the team will always take an interest in how you’re doing and introduce you to other members. To stay on top of  what’s happening, just like our FaceBook page and sign up (below) to our newsletter.



You'll start seeing and feeling improvements in your cycling after just a few regular sessions. Regularly retaking a FTP or Lactate Threshold test (around every 4-6 weeks) helps you to monitor your progress and, most importantly, keeps workouts aligned to your current fitness – so you’re always reaching for the next level. To schedule your test please contact us for an appointment 

Training at the 207 Speed Lab means you always know what is going well and where you might need to improve. No more guesswork. You'll have everything you need to quickly and easily take your cycling to the next level.


Fitness Pass

Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.

Our Fitness Pass is a virtual points card you can use to pay for any 207 Speed Lab fitness class. We created the Fitness Pass to make it even easier to pop in for a class, and best of all, the more points you buy, the more you save!

How It Works:
Purchase a Fitness Pass. Each of our classes has a points value (up to 90min. class 15points.), and when you sign up for the class, the points are deducted from your Fitness Pass balance. When your points run low, simply add more online. All of our passes include bike storage. 

100 Points


*A great way to try our classes without a long term commitment. Payment due in full at time of purchase. 

200 Points


*Save 11% on our classes with a 200-Point Power Pass. Payment due in full at time of purchase. 

330 Points


*Save 15% on our classes with a 330-Point Power Pass. Payment due in full at time of purchase. 

480 Points


*Our best deal!  480-Point Power Pass. Payment due in full at time of purchase.

Drop in Options

$20 1 Class 15 points

$30 1 90+ Minute Class 25 points

207 Race Series*

$20 Single Race 

$100 Whole season (6 races) 

*not eligible for fitness pass

FTP/LT Testing**

$125.00 first test 125 points

$75.00 additional test 75 points

**contact us directly to schedule test



We offer classes for every level at every class!


Endurance- Cycling

This workout is designed to build endurance . We recommend you include one of these sessions a week in your program.



This 60-minute session works the muscles in the legs, particularly the quads, which helps build overall speed and endurance. Workout includes added load with low cadence.

Strength Training


Here, we combine free weights with squats, lunges,  so that you can build strength according to your own body type and goals.

Metabolic Strength & Cardio Circuit

During this short class, we do a series of intense cross-training moves with bursts of aerobic exercise, weight lifting, and stretch breaks.




This one-hour workout is designed to push you anaerobically to your maximum, and is a good workout when preparing for races. It will include short intervals, a medium gradient while maintaining a slightly faster cadence with 95­-105% of FTP


207 Race Series

More info to come- In November will be time trials of various lengths and terrain with awards for AG and overall under and over 40 male and female. Points will be awarded for every place at each race and an overall champion for each category will be awarded.



This 60-min workout is designed to help you build strength in the legs for those tough hills. The cadence is slightly higher than the strength workout with increasing gradients at regular intervals


Open Spin - Riders Choice

You decide what you want to do. We can give you a workout or you can do your own.  You can even connect to TrainerRoad or Zwift

Course Ride


This is the daddy of Speed Lab rides, and not for the faint hearted. You will ride non-stop for two hours with a mix of strength, threshold and endurance, while using the distraction real course! Good luck. This is a popular class so bookings are essential.



All of our instructors bring many years of cycling experience in all distances and disciplines. 

Rick Durgin


Sports Conditioning
Weight Management
Strength Training
Class Programming

Bob Turner

Weight Management
Strength Training
Senior Fitness
Class Programming


Dave Brackett

Functional Movement
Fitness & Nutrition


About the Speed Lab

“It Starts with You!

207 Multisport Coaching is a team of people dedicated to helping you maximize the potential of your inner athlete. We believe that everyone, and every body, has an inner athlete just waiting to come out and reach goals they never thought possible for themselves.



90 Bridge St.
Westbrook, ME 04092



5:30am – 6:45am M-F

11:45am – 1:10pm M-F

6am – 9am Weekends

5:45pm – 7:15pm M-F



  • CycleOps Magnus Smart Trainers

  • CycleOps Fluid Trainer

  • PerfPro Studio Software

  • Shower

  • Bathroom

  • Bike Storage 

  • Assigned personal shoe/equipment box