• Can I use my Speed lab credits for the race series. - no the race series is separate from the 207 Speed Lab credit system

  • How do I know what time I race - You will select an open time slot from the online booking system. You select whichever time you want to ride as long as long as it’s no full.

  • Can I ride with my friends- Yes as long as everyone signs up and selects the same time slot to allow everyone a spot.

  • When will I see the results - You will get an email after your race with your time and race stats. We will calculate the winners once everyone has raced and have it up on the website with in 24 hrs.

  • What if I buy the race series pass and can’t make all the races, can I get a refund - Sorry there are no refunds. If you think you will not make at least 6 of the races you might want to buy single race credits.