Announcing the 207 Speed Lab Time Trial Series!

207 Multisport Coaching is excited to be presenting the 2019 207 Speed Lab indoor time trial series. We kick off the first Friday in January and follow up with a race every other week until the end of March for a total of 7 races. We will have a mix of course types ranging from flat, rolling to hill climbs all lasting roughly 20-30 minutes depending on ability. There will be prizes awarded to the top 3 riders in each category at the end of the year along with awards for the top men’s, women’s and mixed teams. There will be 3-time slots per night to race and you can race more than once if you like. We will cap the night off with beverages at Portland Pie (a short walk from the Speed Lab) to talk about the night's events and catch up with friends.

All abilities are welcome and encouraged. Don’t think your not fast enough so I’m not even going to go. This is a great opportunity to keep your competitiveness going over the winter and practice pacing and measure your training.

Check out more details and to here.

Annual Mountain Bike Race.jpg

Rick Durgin207 Speed Lab