207 Speed Lab Indoor Cycling
Time Trial Series

Presented by 207 Multisport Coaching

Courses / Dates


Format / Awards

Approximately 10 miles with a new course for every race

Jan 4 & 18, Feb 1 & 15, March 1, 15, & 29

Men under 45, Men 45+, Women under 45, Women 45+

3 rounds of riders, maximum 36 riders, first-come, first-served.  Each round will be allotted 1 hour, 15 min. to warm–up and complete the course. If you do not finish the course, you will be given credit for the distance and time completed.  Each round may consist of riders in any field; rounds are not necessarily grouped by category. All riders will warm-up 15 minutes, and then racing starts. On the PerfPro System, everyone starts together; all times are individually recorded. Prizes will be awarded to top riders in each categories at the end of the series. Based on accumulation of points throughout the series. 10 points for 1st, 7 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd, and 1 for participating. Awards will also be given to the top male, female, and mixed teams. Teams shall consist of 2 riders. The team winner will be calculated on the total combined time of your 4 fastest races. You will need to complete at least 4 races to be entered into the team category. If you race all seven events your 4 fastest times will be used.



Single Race $15

Race Series $90